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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow Shoeing

A few weeks ago we ventured up to Oakley for the weekend and my dad had the brilliant idea to go snowshoe!  So...my Dad, Mom, Dave, Jamie, Emma, and I packed up our gear and headed up the canyon to Smith and Morehouse.  It was such a gorgeous hike and a great workout for us.  We stopped multiple times along the way to... 

1.  Enjoy the scenery

2.  Rest

Emma acquired blisters along the way :(  
3.  Take Pictures

Dad with imaginary Susan after she took Emma and her wounded feet back to the car.

4.  Play in the snow :)

It was a successful and exciting adventure!

PRESENTING...Drum Roll Please...."Here's The Diehl"!!!

Why did I create a blog, you ask?  Well I shall tell you.  I have recently sparked a random interest in blogs and when Kelsey Michelle Neffensen made one, that was it.  I was convinced.  Pure inspiration.  I finally gave into creating my own blog.   [I must also give credit to Nicole Lewis and Shantell Peterson for my pure inspiration as well-- since they were the first I remember to promote the blogging experience :)].  
One of my hidden motives for the creation of my blog is to hopefully take pictures more often.  I have been terrible about keeping my camera with me and feel like I NEVER take pictures anymore!  Where is the documenting of my life?!?  I'm also terrible at consistency in my journal....if I write in it a few times a year, it's an accomplishment...so...I'm also hoping I'll be more motivated to write things down.  Will it work?   I DO NOT KNOW.
I had a terrible time figuring out the layout and set up of this blog and feel like an idiot.  I don't know why...It's not like I'm a 95 year old owner of a typewriter.  But the important thing is, it's officially up and rolling.  [Even though it drives me crazy that my Header and "Description" aren't centered on the page!]   I will improve.