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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jazz Game

On Wednesday evening my parents, Jamie, and Emma were supposed to go to the Jazz game.  My dad was already in Salt Lake for work, but my mom and the girls couldn't make it down the canyon with the big snow storm.  Kind of a bummer. 
Dave and I ended up using the tickets and going with my dad.  It was so fun!  I haven't been to a Jazz game for a couple of years.  Dave had class late and so he met us at halftime.  We had the classic basketball game snacks:  Bratwurst, hot dogs, frozen yogurt, soda, and kettle corn.  And...we weren't even in the nose bleeds!  Row 8 baby!  

Shooting a three pointer!

My dad got the tickets from a doctor that he works with who has season tickets.  It was a lot more entertaining to watch since we could actually see what was going on (the facial expressions, the fouls, the coaches getting riled up at the refs, etc.)  The game was awesome and it was pretty neck and neck until the third quarter when the Jazz pulled ahead, and of course ended up beating the Rockets.  

Highlight of the night:  One of the Jazz players dunked it.  Everyone stood up to clap.  I had the bag of kettle corn on my lap so I stayed in my seat.  I looked up and saw pieces of kettle corn falling one by one onto the shoulder of the guy in front of us.  When my dad stood up to clap, he had a handful of kettle corn still, and it wasn't staying in his hands very well.  My dad saw me laughing and realized what had happened.  We were all DYING!  Ok, so then guess what he did?  After it rolled down off of his shoulder he picked one up and ate it!  He never did turn around.  It gave us a good laugh.

Fun night out with my dad and Dave.