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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Two weekends ago, Dave was out of town in North Carolina for an international ACN event, so I went to spend the weekend with my family up in Oakley.  I miss living up there SO much and love to spend time there whenever I can! [I did miss Dave and wish he would have been able to come up with me.]
On Friday afternoon my mom was down running errands in Salt Lake, so I caught a ride up with her.  We hit Costco, Pottery Barn, and Target [on a hunt to find a lid to her flour container because she set it by the stove and it melted :). After visiting 3 different Target store locations hunting it down, we discovered it was a recall item and had no luck. Sad day...And speaking of sad day, my mom and dad won a trip to the Caribbean through a company my dad and his partners distribute for and were supposed to be leaving in a week and a half when they got a call from the company telling them it was "postponed" due to meetings. The butt heads.  Who knows if it will even happen now.] ...Then on the way back we hit the outlets in Park City to make some returns.
Saturday morning we worked out, and in the afternoon Emma had a basketball tournament in Salt Lake.  It was a pretty intense tournament and the poor girls weren't used to having such good competition since they came fresh out of South Summit's junior jazz program where they always kick butt.  It was fun to watch her and her team play and improve, and it brought back so many memories from when I played in junior jazz and other basketball leagues before I got into high school.  Good times.
After the game, we went to Tai Pan (LOVE that store) and to dinner at Five Guys (LOVE that place.)  So delicious.  And, I made a new discovery.  Or more, I was observant.  I had no idea that my family puts vinegar on their Five Guys fries every time they go until that night.  Hello?!  Where have I been?  It's amazing!!! (But probably only if you like vinegar. Which I do!)

Instructions:  Drizzle or smother fries with vinegar, dip in ketchup, eat, and enjoy!
Warning:  It's addicting and you'll probably polish off every crumb.  

Sunday night, Andee came up and we had a delicious steak dinner with potatoes, salad, and asparagus.    We couldn't decide what to have for dessert, so we made two :).  Cherry cheese pie and Reeses peanut butter bite cups were the death of me that night.  (Not to mention all of the Valentine's day treats, namely heart shaped sugar cookies, I had been eating all weekend.)  So worth it though!  Oh, then to top it all off, we had popcorn (more food) and watched a movie.  

Dave got back Sunday night, and Monday was President's Day so we had school off.  Emma had two more games for her tournament that night, so I rode down with the fam to meet up with Dave.  During Emma's first game, Dave and I picked up our last two blinds we had to special order from Home Depot and crammed in a few other errands.  We made it just in time to watch Emma's second game.  So fun!  But I do have to say, quite intense.  Some people get SO into it, and I was finding that that made me get more into it.  Afterward, since we were in the area, we went to Ikea for dinner with everyone and then Dave and I ran through the store (in ten minutes mind you...since that's how long we had before they closed) and scoped out furniture.  Literally ran.  

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