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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Life Gives Dave Lemons....He'll Sell Them

Ok so when I get on a cleaning spree and start going through my things, I inevitably find things I don't need.  Of course my first thought is to DI them!  My mom ALWAYS takes things to the DI, and I thought that's what everyone did. Well, when Dave and I were first married, I discovered this was not his typical method of disposal.  Dave's way:  KSL Classifieds.  I thought he was crazy for even ATTEMPTING to sell some of the things he did.  Backpacks, old flippers, an old bike rack, and a Turbo Flavor Wave?  Really?  All kinds of things.  I had bets against his plan of action and was getting ready to load up the car and take a trip to the famous DI.  Boy did he prove me wrong. Ben always jokes that, "When life gives Dave lemons, he'll sell them."  [Hence the post title.]  True story.  He even had a few "yard sales"(we didn't have a whole lo to sell) during the 5 months that we lived in the Provo triplex.  He's got some mad skill.  Since then I have been all for him trying to get money out of old or unneeded items.

This past weekend, Dave was on a roll.  On Friday afternoon, he listed.... [on ksl]
  • Two dining room tables with chairs
  • Three 2-for-1 ski passes to Snowbird (since the season for snow hasn't been so hot and we haven't been as much as we'd like)
  • An entertainment center hutch that doesn't fit well in our new house
  • Andee's printer
  • Ben's Toyota Tundra (since he and Lindsey moved to Hawaii for school)
When Saturday morning hit he was getting texts, calls, and e-mails like crazy from people wanting to buy everything.  He was gone for part of the day and I'd get multiple calls that someone was coming to look at or buy this or that.  We had people showing up the whole day--just call our house KSL Classifieds Central! Dave was on fire!  

He sold all but the truck, but there were several callers that were interested.  One even took it for a test drive.  The hutch is being bought through paypal because the guy lives out of state, so we're still waiting for that to go through.

**(Side note:  He has learned through his many sales and my constant nagging that he doesn't need to be the delivery service too, and now makes the buyers come to us. OR charges an extra fee.  Big milestone!)

We were able to use the money made to buy a tv for upstairs and a dresser for our bedroom, with some cash left over.  So pumped!  
This is not to say we don't still DI things, because we do. In fact, we just took a load last week.  But at our stage of life, if we can get a bit of cash out of it, we'll go for it.

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  1. :) awesome! good for you guys! hope the luck continues! sure love you! it's fun to find your blog. don't know where i've been. :)xo