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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

I love holidays.  I don't care which one it is, they're always so fun and festive. Growing up, Valentine's Day was all about the homemade valentine boxes, exchanging valentines with classmates and friends, and school parties with games and candy (or dances as I hit middle/high school). At home, I especially looked forward to Valentine's Day.  A Neff tradition consists of heart shaped sugar cookies and everyone making their own heart shaped pizza.  My mom and dad would always surprise us with flowers, valentine balloons, treats, or something of the sort.  Absolutely loved it!

Now, although the Neff tradition carries on, I have a cute husband to celebrate with.  I'm so lucky to be married to him, and so grateful every day for all that he does for me and for the fun relationship that we have.

For Valentine's Day this year, we went to Normandie Cafe (a cute little bakery cafe in Holladay).

It was the perfect atmosphere for us... Not too fancy, but still very nice, and a fun place to be.  By the time we got there, we were both starving and couldn't have been more happy to be there.  We ordered the mushroom chicken dish with potatoes and asparagus (I don't remember the actual name of it) and split a caesar salad and butternut squash soup. It was all sooo delicious!  I highly recommend it.  The butternut squash soup...I've never had better.  I usually have a hard time eating a lot of that kind of soup because it's so sweet, but this one wasn't overly sweet.  SO GOOD!  ...the entree had such a delicious flavor and was amazing!  Of course you can't go without dessert on Valentine's Day, so we devoured a rich, chocolaty, and delicious molten chocolate cake. Mmm Mmm Good.

After we finished dinner, Dave surprised me and drove us up Cottonwood Canyon to some property his uncle owns and enjoyed star gazing and the beautiful view of the city in the bed of the truck. We didn't stay there as long as we were planning on because it was so cold and we didn't have enough blankets!  But it was still so fun--I hadn't star gazed in a long time.

When we got back home, he surprised me with chocolate and roses (who doesn't like that for Valentine's Day?), and we enjoyed a lovely night in our new house watching a movie.  :)  It was so nice not to have anything to do or anywhere we had to be.  Just a relaxing night spending time together and enjoying the evening.  <3

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